Obec Čečelice

History and monuments

History and monuments

The historical village of Čečelice (first written reference is from 29th March 1252) is one of the oldest in the county of Mělník. According to archeological findings the territory of Čečelice was colonized in the Stone Age, around 4000 BC. The oldest written reference of Čečelice can be seen in a document from 29th March 1252 where a knight, Pabián (Fabián) was witnessed as living in the fort.

Foundation documents of Cecelice 

Foundation document of Cecelice         Foundation document of Cecelice         Foundation document of Cecelice         Foundation document of Cecelice

Historical monuments

The most dominant feature in Čečelice is the Romanesque church of St. Havel. There is only a tribune and a tower with battlemet left from the Romanesque period. It was rebuilt in Baroque style between the years 1694 and 1711. 

The church of St. Havel     The church of St. Havel     St. Havel


There is a memorial of Karel Havlíček Borovský from 1910 and a memorial of Jan Hus from 1823. You can also find a statue of St. Václav (Wenceslas) in the lower part of the village in Družstevní street.

The statue of K. H.Borovský     Memorial of Mr. Jan Hus     Statue of St. Václav (Wenceslas)


In Dlážděná street there is a small chapel. The village is surrounded by several small chapels and crosses.

The chapel of St. Mary     


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Obec Čečelice