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Geographical position

The village, full of historical monuments and surrounded by beautiful nature is situated in the Středočeský region in the eastern part of the county of Mělník. The area of Čečelice borders the regions of Prague – east and Mladá Boleslav. The distance between Mělník and Čečelice is 14km. It is 30km from the centre of Prague. The nearest Municipality with extended competence is the market town Všetaty (2,5km).

Čečelice is situated in a valley between the hills Cecemín and Na neckách. The area is part of the Labe river basin. The river is 6,6 km away from the village and in the nearest town (Kostelec nad Labem) the river is in 160 metres above sea level. The protected landscape area Kokořínsko – Máchův kraj is 10 km away (to the north), this area is one of the most beautiful in the Mělník , Česká Lípa  and Mladá Boleslav regions. It is a very important tourist attraction.

People and social life

Čečelice has a population of 635 people living in 270 properties. The Density of population is 54,98 people/ km2. There is slight rise of the amount of people living in the village (as you can see in the graph below). Living in the countryside is more and more popular. Čečelice is considered by new citizens because it is easy to get to Prague and it provides a calm life in the countryside. Children attend kindergarten and primary school in Čečelice, to the secondary school they commute to schools in neighboring villages. People of a productive age work away from Čečelice, they mostly commute to different villages and towns, including Prague.

The celebration of coming May    The celebration of coming May     The celebration of coming May     

In the village there is rich social life thanks to local clubs. There are Groups of volunteer fire brigades, the sporting union of Sokol, Hunters group Čečelice, Chasing group Čečelice – Konětopy and Group of wine friends „Vínocoptéra“. Clubs run their normal activities and organize special events for public. Most of the events are based on tradition. Clubs arrange events separately or in cooperation with the village.


The traditional agricultural village turned from individual to forced collective agriculture production in 50s and 60s of 20th century and Collective farm of the XV. reunion of the communist party became the most important economical subject in the village. It provided work for the majority of people of a productive age. A huge invasion of foreign agriculture products to the czech market in the 90s caused a decline of agriculture in the whole Czech Republic, even in our region.

The economy of the village changed again. Many people requalified to the non agricultural sector, the amount of people commuting to work rose. Return to craft and small businesses was the positive effect of it. Agriculture is still very important for the village. In the south - eastern part of the village there is a huge agriculture compound, but only a part of its building and equipment is used.  The main agricultural activity is crop farming, producing mainly vegetables, rapeseed oil, potatoes and corn.

Schooling and education

Čečelice has a one – class kindergarden and elementary school, which share one building. The school is placed in a very calm part of the village and it is surrounded by a big garden, not far from school there is a park and sports pitch.

School building     School classroom     School garden

Sport and physical education

In the village there are many sporting fields: a football pitch, outdoor swimming pool, tennis court, beach volleyball, playground for kids and a gym. The possibility for other sport and free time activities are available in the surrounding areas of the village. Čečelice is surrounded by fields, groves and woods. The closest surrounding of the village is suitable for hiking or cycling when its dry weather and it is possible to go mushroom hunting in the woods.

Soccer     Beach volley     The scooter festival

Shops, services and crafts

In the village there are two general shops, right now only one is in operation. People living in Čečelice can buy fruit and vegetables in the wholesaler ČEKO. Meat products can be bought once a week from the mobile shop Goldšmíd. In the square there is a shop selling fishing tackle. Services include a hairdresser, library, school canteen and a vet. There are many craftsmen, builders, carpenters, plumbers, gas service, floormen, workers with plasterboard, electricians, advert makers and repairers of building machinery. 

Program of the village development

The local authority prepared a program of the village development for the years 2015 - 2020 and it is building a new sewerage system and  sewage disposal plant, which will be the biggest investment action in the history of the village. After this project the village will try to fix roads and pavements. The village regularly refurbish historical monuments and tries to fix the most important monument - The church of saint Havel and parish office in the historical part of the village.

Strategic visions

Čečelice wants to be a naturally developing, safe and beautifying village with full infrastructure, where people can find life near nature, peace, a clean environment, good education for their kids and a rich social life with the opportunity to be part of the local clubs, which keep historical traditions. For visitors, Čečelice wants to be a clean, tidy village offering sightseeing of reconstructed historical monuments, church, parish office, small historical monuments and the surrounding area of the village. The village wants to support local self-employed people and companies, so they are successful and to make Čečelice the best place for business in the area. 



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